Before & After Eyelash Extensions

Before semi permanent eyelash extensions After semi permanent eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extension FAQ's

Below I have listed out the questions i have been asked by my clients since I started. However feel free to email me any questions/answers you feel could benefit this list, as I am always looking to improve my website.

1 - How long will they last?

They can last up to 2 months

2 - How is the procedure done?

Each synthetic Lash extension is applied directly to the individual lash, one lash at a time via a state-of-the-art technique, with your eyes closed.  Eyepads are used to ensure your upmost comfort and safety at all times.  The adhesive is formulated to create a permanent polypeptide bond, specifically for human lashes.  It dries soft, remains flexible and bouncy causing absolutely no damage. 

3 - How long does the procedure take?

It takes approx 1 hour for a full set to be applied.

4 - Why does it only take 1 hour?

This is because I has been performing lash extensions almost every day since 2006 and the speed at which the lashes are applied is down to my experience and expertise that I have gained from this.

5 - Does it hurt?

No its completely painless.

6 - How many lashes are applied?

This is dependant on your own eyelashes but usually between 30-100 per eye.

7 - What are the benefits of lash extensions over strip lashes?

These lashes are resistant to water, showering & sweating, so perfect for gym goers & swimmers, nights out and holidays.  Strip lashes only last a day, lash extensions last for up to 2 months.

8 - How will they feel and look?

The lashes are soft, weightless and naturally curved.  They do not touch the skin and are bonded onto your natural lash so you wont be able to feel them at all.

9 - How can you remove the lashes?

Eyelash extensions grow out with your natural lash so do not need to be removed but if you require, an appointment can be made to remove the remaining lashes after 2 months.

10 - What lashes does Lashed Up offer?

Lashed Up offer every thickness and length available which allows me to give you perfect lashes, personalised to you.  From completely natural thin lashes to totally glamourous thick sumptuous curly lashes whatever look you want to go for Lashed Up can help you achieve it.

11 - How do you look after your new lash extensions?

After your treatment you will be advised how to look after your new lashes and given an aftercare leaflet to take home.  These instructions should be followed to ensure your lashes stay looking their best.